Redefining brand loyalty.
Buy more, save more!

If you like a certain shop, and you visit it a lot, shouldn’t you be rewarded for your loyalty? We think so, too! Now, you can use FiNe to get discounts every time you shop at the stores you know and love.

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How it works

Watch your discount grow

The FiNe Graph is an interactive game. With each purchase, the FiNe graph will display an increase in discount; and then decrease this discount when the customer buys less frequently. Similar to watching or trading stocks, customers are seduced by the app to try to keep their FiNe Score (Discount) as high as possible.

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Receive special offers

Throw away your old-fashioned buy-10-get-1-free cards, and start rewarding your customers in a enjoyable new way. Attract more customers and strengthen your relationship with your loyal customers by sending them customized messages with expiration dates.

Compare with friends

Saving has never been this fun! Now you get to compete with your friends to see who saves more at your favorite places. Everybody is a winner.

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FiNe locations

Meet the FiNe team




Diogo is a licensed attorney currently practicing in Miami, Florida. He brings several years of international experience to the table having worked and studied in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, France, England, Uruguay, and the United States.

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Zachary is currently an MS candidate at the Johns Hopkins University. He has several years of international marketing and diplomacy experience with such brands as Red Bull USA, GE Oil & Gas, and the OSCE.

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David is currently working in the IT industry in a managerial position. He studied computer science in his masters program in France and is our lead coder.